Why We Sacrifice During November

We are about two months from our Thanks Service which we hold each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is our tradition at TBC Cayce to take the weeks before this service to make sacrifices so that we can give above and beyond our normal tithe so the Kingdom of God is advanced through our church.

More than anything, I want you to experience the joy that comes when you are part of seeing people saved and transformed by God. I believe this is a joy and privilege God gives to those churches, who, like Jesus are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for Him.

One of the prayers we pray each week here at TBC Cayce is for God’s provision. He loves to meet our needs when we are asking for His help to advance the Kingdom. Therefore, I’d like to ask you is to begin to PRAY each day that God would give us all we need to accomplish the mission He has given us: to love, reach and grow fully devoted followers of Jesus for the glory of God.

We believe God has given us some very specific things we need to do to accomplish this mission (see the budget and strategy report for 2015-2016). As we prayed and thought through what would be required to accomplish His goals for us, we realized they required a $1.7 million budget that seemed out of reach based on human wisdom and reasoning. However, by faith we accepted that challenge and we desire to allow God to supply what is needed.

I believe our God wants us to allow Him to stir our hearts so that we might meet this challenge. So what does He require? Only this, that each of us pray daily from now until this special Thanks service and respond in obedience to what He asks us to do.

This is all you need to pray:

  1. Lord would You meet the needs of our church so we can fulfill your mission?
  2. God, what would you have me to sacrifice, sell or do (Coke, coffee, eating out etc.)?
  3. Is there an amount You would have me/my family to give?
  4. Would you please allow each of us to hear your voice clearly and give us the courage and faith to obey?

If each person at TBC Cayce does these things, then I know that we will experience the blessings that come when we sacrifice so He is glorified. It’s an honor to have the chance to see His power with You.

- Pastor Eddie