"God in Our Classrooms"

The Preschool Department’s Mission Statement is:

To help parents guide children in a loving, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment for children to grow to their fullest potential for the Glory of God.

Or, simply put, we will partner with parents to help children develop a lifelong love for God.

We have a big vision for our preschoolers at Trinity Baptist Church Cayce.  We want our preschool children to know how much they are loved and cherished – not only by the workers, but especially by our Father.  We want them to feel adored.  We want them to feel free to laugh, play, and sing in our church.  We want them to construct, craft, design, and draw.  We want them to pretend, build, and be themselves.  We want their personalities to develop in a safe environment where they know they are welcomed and loved.

We build relationships.  Through our love for them, they will learn to love the Lord.  We love, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19.  How does a child learn to love?  Through others around him.  By trusting the adults in charge, by feeling loved and cared for by those who take care of him.   How would preschoolers ever understand about love if they have never experienced love?  Through our proper care of our preschoolers, they will come to know Christ.  It’s our vision that preschoolers will learn through loving instruction how much God loves them.

We are teaching the Bible.  We strive to help preschoolers to understand the character of God through our Bible instruction.  We present lessons in a way that is fun and exciting and age appropriate.  Through digital and visual media, we are able to hit multiple learning styles.  We play games that reinforce the theme, and we do crafts that help them remember the Bible lesson.  There are many ways to help engage the children so they are learning and they don’t realize it.  We go through the entire Bible (Old and New Testaments, in order!). Through each lesson, we touch on the themes of God Loves Me, God Made Everything, God Made Me, God Made Families, and much more.  We show them the importance of this book called a “Bible”, and model how to pray.

We help them get ready for Kindergarten.  Through our crafts and other activities, we help develop important skills that prepare preschoolers for the demands of Kindergarten.  We use scissors, glue sticks, and write our names.  We work on gross motor skills like jumping, hopping, and skipping.  We work on fine motor skills through games like herding cotton ball “sheep” with a spoon, and hiding lost sheep (and finding them of course).   

We partner with parents.  We love to hear from our parents about things their child can accomplish, things they are struggling with, or things they want to celebrate.  We come alongside those who are struggling to help them make strides towards improvement.  We help parents whose child has undesirable behavior issues and offer advice on how to correct it. 

 It is our vision to work cooperatively with the parents to help the whole child with all aspects of preschool life.  Ultimately our goal is to produce spiritually healthy, well balanced children to grow into adults that will glorify God!