"Who Do You Depend On?" Brenda Willis

Who Do You Depend On?

In the past few weeks, children have been repeating things about Hillary and Trump they have heard from the parents and adults around them. Some of them were scared about what would happen.  Most of them have only known of one President.  And now they hear things are going to change and they see the riots on TV. Some of them have verbally expressed they are afraid of the future.  They “hear the talk” and are not able to process it.  We as adults need to let the children hear of our hope in Jesus Christ and that God is in control no matter what.  Let them see and hear adults talking about how they are depending on God and not man.

Before the election one of my grandsons asked me if I was afraid of what was going to happen or who would become President.  He was the same age I was back in 1960 when JFK ran for President.  I remembered my feelings and could understand what Noah was thinking.   At that time, Catholics and Baptists were not fond of each other. I had friends who were Catholic that were not allowed to come to my house because I was Baptist. To have a Catholic to run for President was unthought of by many Christians;  After all the Catholic church answered to the Pope. Baptist and other Christian groups certainly didn’t want the Pope involved in our lives or government.  I can remember thinking that the USA was doomed when JFK was elected.  I had heard the adults talk and just knew Christians were going to be persecuted!  For weeks I was scared and cried because of the unknown and whether we would survive.  All the adults seemed to know something I didn’t and since they were afraid surely something horrible was going to happen! After sharing my experience with my grandson,  I shared with him how now I knew that God was in control no matter what happened or who won this election.  Things might happen that I didn’t agree with or want to happen; however God already knew who was going to win and I could depend on Him to take care of me.

By Brenda Willis 

Psalm 118:8  It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.