'Tis The Season

Tis the Season

December marks a very special time in the life of TBC Cayce. Not only do we have several family events and services to enjoy, but we have an annual missions project that blesses the hearts of our own people along with the ministry of Missionaries Without Boundaries in Guatemala. This year we are taking on a new challenge. As many of you know they are currently in the building phase of the future Children’s Home on the property known as The City of Hope. This year we want to partner with them in the ongoing construction of the primary Missions House. This building will house all the children as well as the missionary teams that come to volunteer and serve Missionaries Without Boundaries. The construction of the House is currently being funded by a ministry in Guatemala that specializes in the rescue of refugee, malnourished and abandoned children throughout Latin America. This ministry has had a tough year financially and are currently delayed in four of their major construction projects. This year what Pastor Cristian has asked of us is to partner with them in the continuing construction of the House. Currently the foundation as been laid and the first floor walls have been constructed. The next step is to complete the second story flooring / first floor roofing. We need your help in raising $20,000 to complete this project. This seems like a huge amount, but I know that TBC Cayce can accomplish this goal together. Normally we encourage donations in increments of $25, but we gladly will accept any and all donations to accomplish our goal. To give online please see click here, or designate your gift to GUATEMALA during the weekly services.

Pastor Micah Merchant