At TBC Cayce we are known for being a community or fellowship of amazing love. The Holy Spirit has blessed us with a group of people who do a lot more than just get together for a few hours on Sunday. God has been and is at work right now growing deep relationships among our members.

During the summer we are often scattered and so last year we created TBCConnect. TBC Connect is a determined effort that we won’t forget the relationships and people God has put in our lives. It’s a determination that we will let people know what God is doing even when we aren’t around.

So, what we are asking is if once a week this summer you will post something about what God is doing in your life and connect it as best you can to our church or its members. At the end of the post simply put #TBCConnect.

I always love to hear and see what God is doing in and through you. Let’s make it our goal as a church of amazing love to stay connected this summer.