"I Will"

One of the meetings that I most look forward to every week during the summer is the time that I get to sit down and share with the staff of our Summer Day Camp. We get together each Monday morning, and I get to lead them through a devotion before they jump into a hectic week of leading and guiding the campers. This summer, we are reading through the book I Will by Thom Rainer. This is a book that I’m hoping will have a great impact in their lives, and is meant to help equip church members to make the biggest impact for God’s Kingdom that they possibly can. It’s a pretty short book (just over 100 pages) but it provides a wealth of insight into what traits typically accompany the church members in actively growing churches, and how Christians today can embody those traits in their own lives and church settings. The entire premise of the book is to help us shift from the often self-centered “As a church member, I want ______” to “As a church member, I will ______” by focusing on the joy and fulfillment that Jesus displayed with his attitude and actions during his own earthly ministry. Most of our Summer Day Camp staff this year are college students who have grown up at Trinity, and I’m excited about seeing them cultivate a deeper understanding for how Christ calls us to serve in the local church, through an ideological level as we talk through this book, and on a practical level as they actually serve and lead through Summer Day Camp. If you are looking for something to pick up and read while traveling, or on vacation this summer, I would highly recommend I Will by Thom Rainer.