A Fresh Look

A Fresh Look

Last week our staff had the privilege of spending some quality time together in Nashville TN.  Our main objective was a conference called Pipeline, which was designed to help us see the need for developing leaders beneath us.  We also were able to spend the day with a very unique church in Lebanon, TN, the Bridge Fellowship.  This church at one period of time was the fastest growing church plant in the country.  Through both events our staff was able to interact and learn from some of the sharpest minds in ministry and gain insight into our ministries through a different set of eyes and the perspectives and experiences they had.  After two solid days of soaking in the information I think we all had the feeling of drinking from a fire hydrant.  After a week of reflection I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I learned.  None of these things are revolutionary or new in any way, but are very worth the reminder as all of us think through our leadership and how we are training those who follow.

Your Leadership has an Expiration Date - No leader of a ministry, origination, business or family has an eternal leadership role.  From Pastors to CEO’s and founders of companies we all need to realize that our leadership will eventually transition, and it is our role as leaders to ensure the best possible transition after God changes the season and role he has given you.  More explicitly it is your role to mentor and train your replacement.

Leadership is a Position of RESPONSIBILITY not POWER - There is a very old adage that most of us know, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.  In leadership we need to be reminded that our role is to cultivate and encourage those beneath us, not to “Lord it over them” as Jesus would say. 

Our Fruit as Leaders, Grows on Other Peoples Trees - Our best success as leaders will not be in tasks or goals completed, but rather on the development of those we invest in.  The legacy that you leave is left in the lives of those you lead, whether it was done well or poorly.

I’d encourage anyone to stop and ask any of our staff about their experience in Nashville last week.  I know we all took various things that impacted us as leaders, and it would benefit not only those who could hear what we learned, but us who learned them.