This Is Us

A few weeks ago I accepted the call to become the Student Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. My wife, Grace, and I are excited to begin this new chapter of life and ministry. As we begin a new season of ministry, God has continued to remind me of the joy it has been to take part in the journey of ministry. For us, this has been a journey in which we have learned to honor the past,
celebrate the present, and embrace the future.

Mine and Grace’s ministry journey began over 10 years ago. My calling is to serve students and minister to them as the Lords leads. Grace’s calling is to lead others to worship God through music. We have been able to work together as a ministry team since we got married in 2012. Our desire is to shape the spiritual lives of teenagers through relationship building, disciple
making, and leadership development. Grace and I both grew up in Macon, Georgia and went to the same church but didn’t meet each other until Grace was a senior in high school and I had graduated college. A year later we
started dating when Grace went off to college and we dated long-distance for 4 years until we got married in September 2012. Since we’ve been married we have lived in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and we are excited to move back to South Carolina. Some of mine and Grace’s favorite things to do are traveling, riding bikes, going to concerts, shopping, finding local coffee shops, watching movies and playing video games. Some of our favorite places that we have traveled to are New York City, Destin, Las Vegas and Orlando. We love adventure and visiting new places.
One thing we have learned since being in full-time ministry is that ministry is an adventure. It has an element of excitement, some bumps along the way, but as long as we allow God to lead we know that he has the best in store. As we start our new ministry journey, we look forward to the future and believe that God will do immeasurably more than all we can ask or even imagine.
We are thankful that God has called us to minister to students and families at Trinity Baptist Church. We are thankful to start serving in a healthy church that is biblically-based, discipleship-driven, and missions-minded. We are thankful for the history of healthy leadership and ministry that has taken place at Trinity Baptist Church. Finally, we are thankful for the opportunity to partner with God and to join him in his work of transforming lives at Trinity Baptist Church. Let the journey begin!