"Jesus Doesn't Wear Pastel Dresses"

Jesus Doesn’t Wear Pastel Dresses

A resurrection-less gospel is no gospel at all. If the gospel is only the message that “Jesus

died on the cross for my sin” then Jesus was merely a miserable suffering moron. Without the

resurrection we have no faith, no hope, and no salvation. We are of all people most to be pitied

(1 Cor. 15:14-18).

Easter Sunday is so much more than a parade of pastel dresses and tight knit bow ties in

Sunday morning social media. It is so much more than another holiday for parents to use a

fictional character as leverage for behavior modification in their rebellious, sweet-toothed

children. It is so much more than egg hunts, fake grass, and unifunctional baskets.

Easter Sunday is the celebration of one of the most essential, foundational, and pivotal

doctrines of the Christian faith. Easter Sunday is the celebration of our risen Lord who defeated

the tyrannical rule of sin that enslaved us, separated us from God, and declared us damned for

eternity (Eph. 2:1-3). Despite our sinful state, God was rich in grace and mercy and sent his Son

to bear his eternal wrath against us in order that we might be reconciled to him through the

blood of Christ (Rom. 6:4). Only Jesus, the God-man, could appease the eternal wrath of God

against humanity by paying an eternal punishment in full. Only he could say “It is finished” as he

breathed his dying breath (John 19:30). Only Jesus could then be raised from dead and declare

sin defeated. And now, only Jesus Christ, the Resurrected King, reigns for all eternity

(Phil. 2:9-11).

If Jesus did not raise from the dead then we worship a dead god and our life will end in

the grave. However, we have complete confidence and full assurance that our God is alive and

we will be with him for all eternity. Just as Christ was resurrected from the dead we too will be

resurrected into new life to fulfill our original purpose glorify God and enjoy him forever.