"Ok ... What Now"

Ok ... What Now?

Seven weeks ago in KidzWorship, we started a 5 week series on Heaven. Why is there a place called heaven? Where is it? Who will be there? When will we go to heaven? What will we do and not do in heaven?  Talk about God’s timing in preparing the children for the events of the last two weeks!

Last Sunday, I decided we would revisit “What will we do in heaven” and called it “What is Lizzie doing in heaven right now?” We turned in our Bibles to scripture, Revelation 21:4, to answer our question “What is Lizzie not doing in heaven?”

He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Next we looked at some of the things Lizzie would be doing in heaven; worshipping, singing, learning, serving, fellowshipping, and resting.

Then I asked the kids to tell me what Lizzie did while here on earth.

First to greet new people

First to stand on stage to read scripture even when she didn’t know the words.

Always had a smile on her face and was ready to give you a hug.

Sang with all her heart (even though it may have been off-key and in a different beat)

She was quick to forgive.

Loved Jesus and told people about Him.

My next question took them by surprise.  “Ok ... what now”? As they looked at me with puzzled looks, I said that now that Lizzie was not here, what should we do?

Hands went up and the response was the same, “We have got to take Lizzie’s place!”

So my question to the adults is the same “Ok ... what now?”.  Scott and Mandy were involved in the church serving as Sunday School teachers in the youth, and welcoming the youth into their home.  Scott served as a deacon while Mandy taught Bible Studies for women and was involved in Women’s Ministry. They shared the love of Christ with everyone they met and invited people to church. They were excellent models for what a Christian should look like. 

Now those places are empty. What now? Does it stop with them or will people step up and take their place.  Will you worship and serve God with all your heart?  Will you reach out to people as they did? The best thing we can do to honor their memory is to continue serving Godin whatever He calls us to do.