“Looking Back, Looking Forward”

In the fast pace lifestyle that most of us live in I’ve found that it’s easy to just plow through to the next thing without ever evaluating the last thing we did. This can become dangerous, especially in the life of a believer. When we fail to reflect on what God has done then our focus becomes less on him and more on ourselves. Before we know it, we become prideful and completely ignore God’s guidance. I want to take some time and look back on what
God has done in the College Ministry this past summer so that we can prepare our hearts for what he will do this fall.
Throughout the summer, the college group has been focusing on how to study the Bible. We met every Tuesday night for dinner and then spent time working through the book Seven Arrows. The book is designed to help people work their way through an interpretive process when studying a passage of Scripture. Each arrow represents a question Bible readers can ask that honors the context of the passage and accurately applies it in their lives. The goal of this process is to give people confidence and reverence when approaching the Scripture and it has been very affective in the lives of our students. In Sunday School, we have been continuing the Gospel Project chronological study through the Bible. The two studies have collaborated well as we have used the seven questions to work through the passages we are in on Sunday mornings. This has provided opportunities for the students to practice the Bible study method in a corporate setting and better learn how
to use it in their personal time with the Lord. In addition to our time spent studying the word, we had several opportunities to fellowship with one another and grow closer together as we grow in the Lord. In June, three of
the college students went on the trip to Guatemala. Serving together always seems to draw people closer together and this allowed a chance for some of our students to engage in each other’s lives in a new way. Later in the month a large group of students spent a Saturday kayaking on the Saluda. In July, another group went to HiWire trampoline park and got dinner
together afterwards.

So whether we were eating, laughing, or studying the Word together, this summer was a time for the college group to grow closer together as they were growing in a deeper love for God and his Word.