Dads, Daughters & Valentines

Dads, Daughters and Valentines

Every year around this time, for as long as I can remember, Emma Grace and I set a day aside and spend it together. We do whatever she wants to do. It can be shopping, eating out, going to the movies, playing her favorite games or all of the above and more. The point is that we spend the day together. Because she’s the only child I have, and I was an only child, I don’t really have a lot of personal experience when it comes to raising a daughter. What I do know is that if I want to have influence in her life, I need to be sure she knows how much I love her. I think God uses parents to show children what His love is like. As parents we certainly learn a lot about His love from our children. Another thing I know about raising a girl is that one of the most important thing I can do for her is to be a good husband. I’m convinced that how I treat Kelly directly impacts very important areas of Emma Grace’s life more than I will ever know. I want her to know how she should expect a future husband to treat her, and I want her to know she should always love, respect and honor her mom. At Valentines, I’m reminded that our love for our spouse impacts a lot more people than just our spouse. I hope that I treat Kelly in such a way that Emma Grace will see what God’s love for His bride is like. I hope I treat Emma Grace in such a way that she knows what the love of God the Father is like.
I realize not everyone has the chance to parent or to be married, but regardless, this is just another reminder of how important it is that we help parents to be strong in the Lord. It’s my desire that God use me and my ministry to encourage and strengthen godly relationships.
Happy Valentine’s Day!