Waiting On God To Heal

Waiting on God to Heal

There is a lot of illness going around this time of year. I know close friends (and their children) who are very sick with yucky illnesses like flu, stomach bug, strep throat. That is sort of expected in the winter months, to come down with a cold or two. My youngest daughter, Sara, has been sick with the flu this year. She got it last year too. And the year before. I don’t know why this illness keeps finding her, but it does. And each time, I worry. I know children have died from the flu; healthy and strong children. This time, when she looked at me with fever-filled eyes, I knew something was off. I immediately took her temperature, and reading the thermometer say 103 was shocking. You see, we were heading to school on a normal Thursday. Until I saw those eyes. All plans changed for the next week. Then, I get into “mom-mode” and prepare for the worst. The fever did not go down right away, and Friday when she woke with a temperature exceeding 105, I knew we were dealing with an ugly flu bug. While she was sick, I doted on her, waiting on her every need and desire. I strained to hear if she was calling me, so I could bring her whatever she wanted. It took several days to get that fever under control, but thankfully it finally yielded. We were lucky, because not everyone who gets the flu recovers. While she was the sickest, I knew God would be faithful to us, whether she healed or not. As a parent, sitting by our child’s bedside, I got the sense that God had sat at my bedside a time or two. Not only when I was sick, but also when I simply needed him. Psalm 34 has always been special to me. In the Psalms, the author states that God is close to the broken hearted, and save those who are crushed in spirit. I have
always loved the imagery in this statement. I have always imagined a physical God next to me in my lowest times, with His hand on mine. He’s was just waiting for me to call. Maybe God hasn’t healed you or your loved one yet, but take heart! Job 29 says that He will shine His light, and allow you to walk beside Him. His word says that He is always close by. Just reach out, and He will walk with you through your darkest hour. That is a promise Our God made to us. And He never breaks his promises!