On A Day Like This

On a Day Like This

There is a children’s song with the lyrics: “On a day like this, on a day like this, on a day like this,
Ohhhh I need the Lord to help me” That was my theme song this past Tuesday! Taylor and
Hakeem had plans to take Caleb Treece to Carowinds. And since my plans were canceled for
the day, I decided to go along with them. Everything went great until we were leaving the
parking lot. Cones were set up to keep cars in their lanes. However one driver must have
decided he liked our lane better - going between two cones he hits our car. After making
sure everyone was ok in both cars, we called the police. First to arrive was the security officers
from Carowinds. Caleb was standing beside me and was the first one the officer talked to, “I
am Officer ……….Are you ok?” Caleb said he was ok. Then the officer asked, “Were you the one
driving” Caleb responded, “No, no, no. But I drove the bumper cars real fast!” The police
officer was not sure what to say, so I explained. Caleb proceeded to go to each family member
in the other car and say “My name is Caleb Treece. Are you ok?” Over the next hour he
continued to introduce himself and ask “Are you ok?’ to “ two more security guys from
Carowinds, the First aid people , the Firemen ( who we didn’t need) , the ambulance
drivers(didn’t need them), people who went too slow around our cars, the last 2 policemen and
the two tow truck drivers! Caleb did not meet a stranger! After dealing with all this and then
trying to get a rental car through insurance and finding out that all rental agencies had closed
for the day a second hour had passed. Then we realize we would be waiting another 1 ½ hours
for Sam to get to us outside of the entrance because I never entered the park, Hakeem and
Caleb’s stamp had rubbed off in waterpark. Taylor was the only one with a pass. She went to
get us food and then we sat and sat and sat. During this time Caleb continued to meet and
greet people as they walked by. He never complained about the heat or the long wait! Several
times he even asked if I was ok. As I thought over the day, I realized I had not been stressed out.
While the day did not go as planned, I had watched the smiles on everyone’s face Caleb came in
contact and realize Caleb was the help and support that God had provided! If only everyone
could have a Caleb in their life!
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ
Jesus. (Phil. 4:19)