Taking A Leap Of Faith

Taking a Leap of Faith

My family has always supported missions. We have each gone on multiple mission trips, we fund our friends who are deployed to the mission field, and have hosted fundraisers to benefit missions. Two of our three children have also been on mission trips with us. It has always been an interest of our family to help proclaim the Gospel to those who haven’t heard. Until recently, that was as far as it had gone. Several months ago, my husband told me that God was moving him towards missions. Full time. He had mentioned it to me before, but I kind of dismissed it as a flight of fancy. When he approached me again, he was much more serious, and had researched missionary agencies with which to work. I knew it was time to sit down and listen.
SIM USA, based out of Charlotte, had several positions open that seemed absolutely perfect and God- tailored for him. The more we sat down and discussed it, the better it sounded. It was a wonderful opportunity where he can work from home (staying stateside!) and support the missionaries who are deployed. His job will be in the financial department, where he will help the missionaries with their budgets, and also looking carefully for ways to save the missionaries money. Cutting administrative costs is paramount to their agency. In his position, he has the capability to save the missionaries thousands of dollars per year, and millions of dollars over the course of a year! He would be considered a full time missionary – and with that, comes missionary-pay. In other words, we will have to raise our own support, as his position isn’t funded by the company. This is a point of much prayer as we seek to find how God will fulfill this need, and how He wants to use our family to further His kingdom.