RightNow Media

Right Now Media

You may have heard me mention it during both services this past Sunday, or received an email about it, but I wanted to tell you more about Right Now Media. This is an incredible ministry that our church has partnered with to provide you with free access to thousands of Bible studies, as well as other Christ-centered content like Children’s videos. I really believe that this resource has enormous potential to help us to grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It works very similar to how Netflix does: you create an account, log in, and see a variety of categories of Bible studies to choose from. Outside of just general Bible studies on many different books of the Bible, there are also categories of topics like parenting, marriage, mental health, and biblical finance. There are so many different ways that we can use Right Now Media to grow in our daily walk with Christ, but I just want to provide one scenario for you to show how impactful I truly believe this can be for us. One of the areas that we see Satan attacking in our society today is marriage. For many couples, life can become really busy. In the course of working and raising children, it can be hard to make time for one another, or to grow together as husband and wife. One way that Right Now Media really helps with that, is that when you finally get the kids in bed, or the chores done and you can finally relax, from the comfort of your own living room you can both take just a few minutes each week to watch through courses on marriage led by popular counselors and pastors from all over the country. You don’t have to go anywhere special for this, or find childcare, you just naturally do this from the comfort of your own home. It is a powerful tool that allows us to grow spiritually within the normal routines of our lives. While this is never meant to be a resource that gives us an excuse for neglecting to meet together corporately for Worship, or tries to replace that, it gives us opportunities to grow in between those times.