Patience My Little Grasshopper

God loves to show up in the final quarter and show off. If you are Facebook friends with me you know I recently had to rehome my sweet Alfred for reasons completely out of my control and I was DEVASTATED. I looked for a place for him to live for about a month. I tried to find the perfect place for him. I wanted him to have a house, another dog and a fenced in yard. After a month of searching I had to start calling no kill shelters. My heart was breaking. I didn’t want that for him at all. It was never my intention to rehome him at all. I was devastated. The day before I had to make a move. Before I had to take him to a shelter, something told me to post on Facebook one more time. So I sent out a plea. One more shot. The night before I had to take him to a shelter, I got a message from a sweet man asking if I could bring Alfred to meet his dog. After a long meeting the next day, he agreed to take him. So, now Alfred lives in Aiken, SC with a sweet man named Bob. Bob has a nice house, with a doggy dog, a fence, and another dog. And just like that, God shows up, as always, in his perfect timing.