A Special Request from Pastor Eddie to TBCCayce

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be part of the only church that didn’t need to ask for volunteers or workers because there were always people willing to help out?

We are blessed to be at a church that has many servant-hearted members, and I want to begin by thanking so many of you who work all the time and are rarely publicly acknowledged or rewarded.  

Each year around this time we begin to ask key people who God has laid on our hearts to serve the church in a variety of capacities. Your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ look and pray over a list of more than 1,000 names before deciding who they feel would be the person God desires to serve in a certain area. 

This year, I have a very special request for you as you consider how and where you should serve. 

First, assume God wants each of us to serve the church in some capacity.

Secondly, know He wants us to serve sacrificially. In other words, we should ask where the church needs us before we assume we should serve where we “want” to serve.

Finally, if you are asked to serve as a deacon, on a committee, or in any other ministry, assume God is calling you to that specific role instead of thinking “I’ll decide on my own”.

As you pray about being open to God’s leading in your life, here are a few areas where volunteers would be VERY helpful right now at TBCCayce. You can contact the church office about serving in these areas at 803-791-0440.

  1. Preschool (Birth – 5K)  
  2. 1st and 2nd Grade Teachers, Extra children’s workers (1st -5th grade)  
  3. Youth workers and Sunday School teachers  
  4. College workers  
  5. Choir Members and Certain Instrumentalists  
  6. Ushers, Greeters, Service Counselors, Associate Deacons, Parking Lot ministry  
  7. Sunday School Class officers  

Of course there are literally hundreds of other ways you can serve but each of these areas that are listed have a very direct impact on our current strategy to reach our vision of loving, reaching and growing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Eddie