How to Help Flood Victims When We're Asked to Stay Home

The last few days have brought an unprecedented amount of rainfall to South Carolina, and we've been in the heart of the mess to experience it first hand.

People have died. Homes and businesses have flooded. Lives are forever changed.

If there was ever a time when our community needed help, then it's now. But we can't help, at least not in the traditional sense. Not at this moment.

As of right now, the best thing we can do is obey what officials are requesting and stay home. 

Staying home is a hard request, especially when our hearts are so willing and ready to lend our aid to our community.

I know that many of our TBC Cayce members are yearning to help flood victims in any way possible, so I wanted to take the time to give you a few practical ways that you can make an impact right where you are, without leaving your house.

1) Pray. 

We've been talking about prayer in our Sunday morning services for the past four weeks. Perhaps this moment in time is one of the reason's why God was having us learn so much about prayer. Now is a perfect time to pray like Jesus with persistency and power. 

2) Obey.

While it doesn't feel like much, obedience to what state officials and police are telling us is perhaps one of the most practical and meaningful steps we can take to help. Why? Staying home means we remove the danger of needing to be rescued. If we were to start interfering, the attention of professionals who know how to save lives in flood situations would be distracted. When we obey, we are actually freeing up man power to help people who are in desperate need of aid.

So, don't be the exception to the rule. Stay home.

3) Love.

While you might not be able to get out of your houses and do something "exciting" to love other people, there are still opportunities to love where you are. Look around you and find ways you can show love to those who are with you. It's a simple step, but it's powerful.

4) Practice patience.

No one likes to wait, but that's exactly the place we find ourselves in right now. We are waiting for the flooding to subside, and we are waiting for a moment where the doors open for us to serve.

Use this period of waiting as best you can. Don't waste it wishing you could be out doing something meaningful. There are meaningful things you can do right where you are. 

5) Prepare to sacrifice.

Although we're having to wait right now, there may come a time very soon where we are called upon to sacrifice and help people in need. Start preparing yourself now and be willing to give and serve in ways that you may not expect.

6) Use social media.

The internet is a powerful tool. We can use it to communicate with people who are far away from us. If there is an opportunity, use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to encourage other people and build them up.

7) Join with the church. 

When the time comes and we are able to do something, join with the mission that God gives to TBC Cayce. Help us move forward in an organized way so that we can make a strong impact in our community.

Thanks to all of you who are already so willing to serve and help others in this great time of need. Be persistent in prayer, practice patience, and wait for the right doors to open.

Stay safe! 

Editor: Jackson Dame