6 Ways You Can Sacrifice

During the month of November, it’s a tradition here at TBC Cayce to focus on thanks and sacrifice. One way we do this is by having a special Thanks Service on November 22. 

Leading up to this special Sunday service, we challenge ourselves to make sacrifices so that we can give above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings. Different people sacrifice different things.

Some people give up coffee, while others stop going out to eat. It’s small steps like these that when done by many people can have a huge impact. One year, we even have had someone give up driving to work. He chose to walk instead!

If you need help getting started, here is a list of ideas you can use when considering what you could sacrifice.

1) Entertainment 

Take a moment and think about how much time you spend being entertained. How much money do you spend on movies, books and games? Could you give up some form of entertainment for the month of November?

2) Social Media 

While this doesn’t directly affect our finances, it does play a huge part in many peoples’ lives. Sometimes taking a break from technology can revitalize our relationships with those around us and with God.

3) Black Friday 

Consumerism is rooted in our culture, and we see it seeping into the church at times too. Many people go out Black Friday shopping after thanksgiving to get amazing deals. What if instead of spending more money on more stuff, we took that money and put it to work for God’s Kingdom? 

4) Eating Out 

Do you eat at restaurants regularly? If so, this might be a great area to practice sacrificing.

5) Sell Something 

Another great way to sacrifice and contribute more is by selling something we own. This is a hard step to take for many, but it can really push us outside our comfort zones.

6) Coffee 

Many people drink coffee every single day. If you’re one of those people, consider how much money you spend on coffee each month. Does giving coffee up sound like a challenge to you? This one might be right for you.

Don’t limit yourself to just this list. All of our lives are different, so there might be something unique to your lifestyle that you think would be better to sacrifice. Get creative and ask God to lead you in the right direction.

It’s our hope that this time of thanks and sacrifice will move you deeper in your relationship with God.